How to Secure Your Network

Securing your organization’s network is a vital part of any cyber security strategy. Network security is multi-faceted and largely based on your organization’s specific needs. That being said, there are some basic methodologies that should be employed, regardless of the size of your organization or your specific business.

A few of these methodologies include:

  • Separating “business” network traffic from “guest” network traffic
  • Secure remote access
  • Filtering Internet traffic to protect against malicious websites

Network Segmentation

If you provide free WiFi for customers, or if you frequently provide Internet access to business guests, it’s important that these types of network connections do not have access to your internal network resources. For one, you cannot control these devices – perhaps they don’t have proper anti-virus installed and their device is compromised with a virus. You wouldn’t want that to compromise your network devices. Or perhaps you have sensitive data on your network that you wouldn’t want a business guest to have access to. If you have a single network that anyone can use, you’re putting your organization at risk.

Secure Remote Access

If you often need to work remotely, but find yourself needing access to systems or files on your network, a secure remote access solution can be implemented to allow you to have access to these resources, without compromising security.

Content Filtering

While it’s important to have a good anti-virus solution in place, relying on anti-virus alone to protect your network can be a reactive approach. Consider taking a proactive approach by implementing a content filtering solution that filters all Internet traffic. Sure, this can be used to limit access to time-wasting, non-business related websites, but it can also be used to prevent your computers from accessing a malicious website at all, preventing the need for your anti-virus to catch something downloaded to your computer.

These are just a few basic methodologies that can be used to secure your network. Want us to assess your current network security? Email info@squareplanit.com or use our contact page to get in touch!