How to Send Encrypted Email

How to securely send sensitive data via email.

How to Send Encrypted Email

It’s often necessary to send sensitive data via email. The problem? Email is an insecure method of communication by default. While most large email providers (think Google and Microsoft) are capable of providing secure communication between their own servers and those run by other email providers, the other providers don’t always have the same functionality, potentially causing the contents of your email message to be sent in clear text over the internet. This makes your data susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Even if the sending and receiving servers use a secure TLS connection to protect your data in motion, it’s important to protect your data at rest – this is where encrypted email can help. Need to send social security numbers, account information, or other sensitive personal information via email? We offer solutions that integrate directly with your existing email provider. We can even create rules to automatically encrypt email based on your business needs.

If you need to encrypt some or all of your email and aren’t sure where to start, email info@squareplanit.com or use our contact page to get in touch!