Implementing Cyber Security at Your Business

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Implementing Cyber Security at Your Business

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Implementing cyber security best practices helps to ensure your business stays productive and efficient for years to come. Don’t fall victim to a cyber security breach!

Here are just a few recommendations to get started:

  1. Keep your apps and operating systems up to date.
  2. Use strong passwords.
  3. Avoid email scams and phishing.
  4. Utilize secure communications for sensitive data.
  5. Keep your environment secure with advanced thread protection.
  6. Implement a resilient backup strategy.
  7. Secure your network.
  8. Recognize and avoid social engineering.

Managed IT providers like us take the stress out of managing your business technology needs. We can help make your technology decisions and implement technology that drives business efficiency at a fraction of the cost of employing a IT professional.  Are you interested in knowing how we can help your small business? Be sure to check out our Cyber Security Quick Reference below! To get started, email info@squareplanit.com, or contact us.

Cyber Security Quick Reference