The latest wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can produce written text that looks just like it was written by a human. AI chatbots can create this type of content quickly and with minimal human intervention. This technology is so convincing that cyber criminals are using it to make their lives easier. Criminals are exploiting AI to create more convincing scams, and police have identified three main ways that criminals are using chatbots for malicious purposes.

Better phishing emails

Until recently, bad spelling and grammar made it easy to recognize phishing emails. These emails are designed to trick you into clicking on a link that can either download malware onto your computer or steal your personal information. AI-generated text is much harder to spot because it’s free from errors. Moreover, criminals can make each email unique, making it more difficult for spam filters to detect potentially dangerous content.

Spreading misinformation

Creating false information about a company’s CEO, for example, could lead to employees falling for scams or even damage the company’s reputation. Criminals can use chatbots to create posts on social media that accuse someone of something untrue.

Creating malicious code

AI is getting better at writing computer code all the time. Criminals could use this technology to create malware, which is a type of software that’s designed to cause harm to computer systems.

It’s essential to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals who are exploiting AI to create more convincing scams. Educating your employees about these types of scams and keeping them informed about how they work is crucial to protecting your business. The creators of AI tools are not responsible for criminals taking advantage of their software. However, they are working hard to prevent their tools from being used maliciously.

If you’re concerned about your team members falling victim to increasingly sophisticated scams, keep them updated about how these scams work and what to look out for.

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