Implementing Cyber Security at Your Business

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Implementing cyber security best practices helps to ensure your business stays productive and efficient for years to come. Don’t fall victim to a cyber security breach! Here are just a few recommendations to get started: Keep your apps and operating systems up to date. Use strong passwords. Avoid email scams and phishing. Utilize secure communications...
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Social Engineering

The weakest link we have within our businesses are the humans. Humans are the ones who make mistakes. Humans can be easily manipulated by ruthless and sophisticated cybercriminals. Most cyber attacks rely on the poor security habits of the general public in order to succeed. Poor passwords, enticing website ads, and clicking on that Facebook...
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How to Secure Your Network

Securing your organization’s network is a vital part of any cyber security strategy. Network security is multi-faceted and largely based on your organization’s specific needs. That being said, there are some basic methodologies that should be employed, regardless of the size of your organization or your specific business. A few of these methodologies include: Separating...
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How to Avoid Data Loss

Data loss can take many forms: a lost or stolen laptop, server hardware failure, or even accidental deletion. By planning for situations like these, you can minimize operational disruptions when the worst happens. Last year, I faced a similar problem: my laptop was stolen. Luckily it was recovered only hours later, but I knew that...
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Advanced Threat Protection

Prevention, detection, and intervention are a few words that come to mind when you think about your physical health.  These words also hold true when it comes to the health of your information systems.   No business is 100% protected from a cybersecurity threat. At some point you will have to respond to an incident....
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Creating Good Passwords

Passwords have been around for centuries! (Think back to ancient Arabia – “Open, Sesame!”). That means for centuries, people have tried and succeeded in stealing passwords.  Passwords have become more prevalent even today; protecting everything from our most important financial information to our all important Facebook feeds.  Though not perfect, a good password is an...
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Email Scams and Phishing

In the South, our favorite pastimes include: Friday night in the football stadium, Saturday morning on the lake, and all day Sunday at church. Many of my Saturdays – particularly in the spring and summer – were spent with my dad baiting up a hook and waiting on a sucker fish to come along and...
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How to Send Encrypted Email

It’s often necessary to send sensitive data via email. The problem? Email is an insecure method of communication by default. While most large email providers (think Google and Microsoft) are capable of providing secure communication between their own servers and those run by other email providers, the other providers don’t always have the same functionality, potentially...
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The Importance of Patching

One of the most basic steps you can take to protect yourself from cyber security vulnerabilities is to keep your operating systems like Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, and apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Java, and Google Chrome up to date with the latest security patches available from the vendor. New threats and vulnerabilities are discovered...
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