According to a report by the National Cybersecurity alliance, nearly a third (31%) of respondents say they either “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never” install software updates. So why should you update your software? One of the easiest ways to keep your information secure is to keep software and apps updated. That’s why we recommend you step away from the “remind me later” button and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Why should you update your software and apps?

By keeping your software and mobile apps updated, you’ll have access to the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches that will keep you productive and secure. Cybercriminals use known weaknesses in software to gain unauthorized access to distribute ransomware and steal your data.

Other considerations for staying safe online

When downloading a software update, only get it from the company that created it. Never use a hacked, pirated or unlicensed version of software (even if your friend gave it to you). These often contain malware and cause more problems than they solve.

In addition to updating your software and mobile apps, it’s equally important to keep your operating system up to date. For desktops and laptops, this is most commonly Windows or macOS. For mobile devices, the most popular operating systems are iOS and Android. If you’re using a mobile device running Android or iOS, make sure to only use trusted stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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