Can you believe it? Microsoft is bidding farewell to WordPad after 30 years of faithful service. Goodbye, WordPad! This application, which made its debut alongside Windows 95, has long been the go-to choice for opening .doc files when Microsoft Word wasn’t at your disposal. But why is this happening, and how might it impact your business?

Recently, Microsoft made an announcement that may have slipped under the radar for many. They’ve outlined plans to cease updating WordPad and, eventually, remove it entirely from the Windows ecosystem. The exact timeline for this move remains unclear, but it’s in the pipeline.

Let’s face it, though – haven’t we all mistakenly clicked on WordPad when we meant to open Notepad? Notepad serves as your go-to for plain text, while WordPad is more akin to a full-fledged word processor. The confusion between these two applications might be a driving force behind WordPad’s impending exit. Alternatively, Microsoft could be subtly encouraging more users to invest in Microsoft Word, a cornerstone of the Microsoft 365 suite.

In an excerpt from Microsoft’s recently updated list of deprecated Windows features, they recommend using Microsoft Word for creating rich text documents and Windows Notepad for plain text files. So, in essence, WordPad seems to be fading into obscurity.

But before we get too sentimental, let’s be honest – as a lifelong Windows user, I can admit that I’ve seldom opened WordPad intentionally. Its vanishing act won’t be keeping me up at night. There’s a multitude of other word processing alternatives out there, and I’m quite attached to Microsoft Word.

We’re happy to say goodbye to WordPad, but if you happen to be a diehard WordPad enthusiast, there’s a glimmer of hope. Microsoft is actively seeking feedback through the Windows Feedback Hub app. If there’s a groundswell of support, who knows? Maybe Microsoft will reconsider and allow WordPad to linger on, even if it becomes an optional, infrequently updated app in the Microsoft Store.

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