Are you up-to-date with the latest productivity update in Google Calendar that benefits hybrid workers? The tech giant has just unveiled an exciting feature on Google Calendar that has the potential to significantly simplify your daily life, especially if you’re one of those who navigate both office and remote work settings.

Do you recall the time when Google first introduced the option to share your work location with your fellow colleagues back in 2021? Brace yourself for a notable upgrade.

In the present scenario, you now possess the ability to establish multiple locations for any given day on your calendar. This advancement is a game-changer if you find yourself alternating between office and home, or if your work demands you to be on the move frequently. Google’s innovation has got your back.

Imagine this: You’re spending half of your day at the office and the remaining time at a client meeting. Thanks to this new functionality, your coworkers can precisely pinpoint when and where they can reach out to you.

At its core, Google is committed to optimizing our work methodologies, ensuring we toil intelligently rather than excessively. Recognizing that a large portion of us are still engaged in remote work or grappling with a blend of in-office and remote tasks, this Google Calendar update benefits hybrid workers.

This advancement is currently accessible exclusively to individuals with a Workspace account, encompassing:

• Google Workspace Business Standard/Plus
• Enterprise Standard/Plus
• Education Fundamentals/Standard/Plus
• The Teaching and Learning Upgrade
• Nonprofits

Regrettably, personal accounts are not yet granted access to this feature.

For your convenience, the working location feature will be activated by default. Nevertheless, if you’d prefer to remain discreet and not have your whereabouts accessible to colleagues (and let’s admit it, we all encounter distractions at work), you hold the power to deactivate it effortlessly.

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