Have you ever experienced that heart-pounding moment when you realize you left your work phone behind at a coffee shop? It’s a situation that can send anyone into a panic, not because of the device itself, but due to the sensitive business data it holds. The idea of someone else getting their hands on your work phone can be a nightmare. We’ve got great news that can put your worries to rest: Microsoft and Samsung are teaming up to enhance mobile device security!

Enhancing Mobile Security

Microsoft and Samsung are launching a solution designed to enhance the security of Samsung Galaxy devices used in the workplace. This innovative solution uses something called “on-device attestation,” which acts like a security guard for your mobile device. It goes deep into the device’s components to check for any signs of compromise.

How It Works

Samsung contributes its software and hardware expertise to the project, while Microsoft lends its endpoint management knowledge. Unlike other security tools that rely on network connections and cloud services, this solution works reliably, even when you have no network connection or if your device is used through a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model.


This solution will be implemented via Microsoft Intune, a unified endpoint management service that caters to both corporate devices and personal devices used for work. It will be available for select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, particularly those labeled as “Secured by Knox.”

Peace of Mind Anywhere

Whether you’re working from your office desk, a bustling coffee shop, or a remote cabin in the woods, you can now be confident that your mobile device is secure.

In today’s business world, your mobile device is more than just a communication tool; it’s a repository of valuable and sensitive information. With the collaborative efforts of Microsoft and Samsung teaming up to enhance mobile device security, your mobile device’s security has been significantly improved. You can breathe easy knowing that your work mobile is now safer than ever before.

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