Microsoft is at it again, bringing us more exciting news! This time, they’ve introduced Edge for Business, a brand new browser tailored specifically for businesses. With its impressive security and productivity features, both employers and their teams will find it extremely useful.

Microsoft Edge for Business is poised to become the top choice for web browsing on work-related devices, whether they are managed or unmanaged. The browser strikes a perfect balance, allowing companies to maintain control over their employees’ activities without compromising their privacy—a significant advantage in today’s work environment. This makes it an ideal solution for companies operating on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy as well.

One standout feature of Edge for Business is its automatic separation of work and personal browsing into dedicated browser windows. This means that each has its own set of favorites, caches, and storage locations. Moreover, the browser smartly handles different sites, ensuring that Microsoft 365 opens in your work browser, while shopping sites open in your personal browser. No more worries about accidentally sharing that hilarious meme with your colleague!

Although Microsoft Edge for Business is currently available for testing, we recommend waiting until its official launch in the fall. Let others be the guinea pigs while the browser undergoes further refinement and improvement.

While there’s still a bit of waiting to do, Microsoft plans to add custom branding capabilities for businesses in the near future. The anticipation is half the fun, isn’t it?

With Microsoft Edge for Business, Microsoft aims to create a seamless experience that bridges the gap between work and personal use on the same device. Your personal and professional information will remain separate and secure, ensuring heightened productivity and enhanced security with this exciting new business browser. Get ready to enjoy a whole new level of browsing!

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