Microsoft is gearing up to unveil the latest upgrade for Windows 11, aptly named “Moment 5” or the “February 24 Moment.” Set to roll out in the coming weeks, this update brings about significant changes worth noting.

Firstly, Microsoft is returning to its roots by adopting an annual update schedule for Windows 11 post this release. What does this mean for you? Expect more stability and fewer major overhauls to your operating system. Say goodbye to frequent “moment” updates and welcome a more predictable schedule.

Now, let’s delve into the highlights of Moment 5…

A standout feature is the improvement of Windows 11’s built-in accessibility features, enhancing the user experience for those dependent on them. Voice Access now supports multiple monitors and additional languages, introducing “voice shortcuts” for custom voice-activated commands. Narrator gains the ability to preview new natural voices, working seamlessly with voice access for various tasks.

Notably, you can now write directly into text boxes using a stylus across the operating system, streamlining the use of digital pens without the need for a dedicated handwriting panel.

For the first time, Microsoft is allowing the uninstallation of some in-box apps. Apps like Edge, Camera, and Photos can be removed if they’re not on your radar.

The Windows Search pane is becoming more flexible, enabling third-party search providers like Google or Yahoo to create plugins. If Bing isn’t your preferred search engine, you now have the option to switch.

The Nearby Share feature receives a boost with “friendly name” support, making file sharing more user-friendly. Windows Spotlight, displaying Bing’s background of the day, becomes the default wallpaper setting.

Copilot is now more versatile, with the ability to be “undocked.” It is also accessible through the Windows ALT+TAB menu for quick access.

Changes to the Widgets Board include the option to disable Microsoft News integration for a widget-only layout. Third-party news services can build plugins, offering more choices for users.

Notepad introduces a character count feature and an “Edit with Notepad” shortcut in context menus for select file types.

In essence, Moment 5 introduces a plethora of improvements, making Windows 11 more accessible, user-friendly, and versatile. For business owners, these updates can enhance productivity and streamline workflows. If you haven’t made the move to Windows 11 yet, now is the opportune time! Reach out, and we can assist you with the transition.

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