As Windows 11 continues to captivate our attention, there are already talks of a possible Windows 12 release coming as soon as next year. While there is no certainty regarding the features, improvements, and design of the new OS, rumors suggest that Microsoft will include new features that could significantly benefit businesses. In this article, we’ll take a look at three exciting features that are making us eager for the arrival of Windows 12.

More AI

The first feature that’s got us excited is the inclusion of more artificial intelligence (AI) functionality. The use of AI has exploded in recent months, and it only makes sense for Microsoft to incorporate this technology into their new operating system. With Windows 12, we can expect better AI analysis of our content, making it easier for us to begin projects or choose apps that will help us get things done. Additionally, the improved intuition of the AI will help speed up our tasks, making the overall experience more efficient and intuitive.

Faster Updates and Better Security

Another significant improvement that Microsoft is aiming for with Windows 12 is faster updates and better security. Rather than having the entire operating system as a single entity, the OS will be split into different sections, allowing updates to run in the background while you continue to work. Different people will also have access to each partition, which will improve the overall security of the system.

Modular Architecture

Finally, Microsoft intends to make the Windows 12 experience more modular. By creating different components, higher-powered devices will get the maximum Windows experience, while lower-powered devices will still be able to do everything they need. Whether running the Edge browser, Office tools, or web apps, for instance, Windows 12 will ensure that everyone can enjoy the operating system, no matter the hardware they’re using.

It’s worth noting that some of these features may rely on dedicated hardware and upgraded equipment, but we’ll have to wait for more announcements to know for sure. Regardless, the prospect of a more AI-powered, secure, and modular operating system is an exciting one, and we can’t wait to see what Windows 12 has in store for us!

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